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Advanced Engineering are one of the best known suppliers of cleaning products specifically designed for applications within the Refrigeration Industry.

EnviroCoil® is an effective detergent-based cleaner for air conditioning coils. Its mild formulation makes it perfect for use in almost any maintenance scenario, either indoors or outdoors.
EnviroCoil® is an environmentally friendly coil cleaner – it contains no acids, no phosphates, no solvents, no Sodium Hydroxide and no Potassium Hydroxide. What’s more, its surfactants are completely biodegradable

SmellyJelly® has been formulated to provide a pleasant fragrance in fan coil and cassette units.
Easy to apply, SmellyJelly® is simply placed within the unit, ideally as close to the discharge point as possible. Once in position and the unit switched on the fragrance will immediately become noticeable.
Available in the following fragrances:- Citrus, Herbal, Mountain Fresh

smelly jelly
RTU® Bubble-up leak detector is specifically designed to locate refrigerant leaks.
Standard bubble-up leak detectors, designed for use with natural gas, are unsuitable: their lower viscosity means they will not cling to surfaces as effectively and can easily be blown off the pipework before the refrigerant leak is identified.

Grease building up on condensing unit coils in kitchens will impede air flow and reduce heat transfer.
This condition can put a severe strain on the equipment and increase running costs. GreaseGobbler is a no-rinse-required condensing unit coil cleaner in a high-powered aerosol package. The double action of a high-pressure blast and solvent cleaning power quickly and easily restores system efficiency. It is non-flammable and non-conductive.
DrainKleen® one shot has been formulated specifically to clear blockages found in condensate drains within ACR systems. It is a powerful liquid drain cleaner and is the ideal size to treat a single condensate drain.
The unique “swan neck” spout of the dispenser bottle even allows for easy application of the product in awkward-to-reach condensate drains.

DrainKleen® will quickly remove limescale, rust deposits and sludge from refrigeration drains and traps.
What’s more, because its specific gravity is heavier than that of water, it quickly finds its way to the source of a blockage – even when a U-trap is situated between the blockage and the access point.

RTU Condenser Cleaner is ideal for application as part of a regular maintenance programme.
Highly effective at removing all common types of dirt and debris, it also has a biodegradable formula that is very safe to use.
RTU Evaporator Cleaner is ideal for application as part of a regular maintenance programme. Highly effective at removing all common types of dirt and debris, it also has a bio-degradable formula that is very safe to use.
Removes all common types of dirt and Convenient ready-to-use-format

SuperClean is quite simply the strongest coil cleaner on the market. Unique in its formulation, it brings all of the benefits of a heavy duty acid cleaner but is considerably safer to use.
Highly concentrated and effective, it will safely remove the wide range of contaminants commonly found in condensers without damaging the coil. The coil is left visibly bright and clean in fact, super clean.

Dirty coils cost money, in terms of bigger energy bills, higher Climate Change Levy charges and a shorter life for the system and its components.

Dirty coils reduce a system’s ability to perform the functions for which it was designed, including maintenance of constant temperature. And far from keeping the environment fresh and clean, they introduce smells, allergens and disease microbes that reduce
Indoor Air Quality