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Model Ref Type Temp Range Control Sensor Type Available Voltage Versions
IC 901 Thermostat/ Thermometer -50C to +99C Compresser Relay 1 x PTC Probe 12v & 230v
IC 902 Thermostat/ Thermometer -9.9C to +99.9C Compresser Relay 1 x PTC Probe 12v
IC 915 Thermostat/ Thermometer -50C to +140C Compresser Relay 1 x PTC Probe 12v
ID 961 Digifrost Controller -50C to +99C Compresser Relay
1 x PTC Probe 12v & 230v
ID971 Digifrost Controller -50C to +99 C Compresser Relay
Defrost Replay
2 x PTC Probes 12v & 230v
ID 974 Digifrost Controller -50C to +99C Compresser Relay
Defrost Relay
Fan Relay
2 x PTC Probes 12v & 230v
Eliwell plays a successful role in the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry, offering products and solutions characterized by the high level of technological innovation and efficiency.
The current trends in refrigeration continue to confirm the ever-growing need to provide reliable system solutions that offer the installer and the user real economic savings and comply with environmental standards.

Eliwell products are characterized by:

- Reliability
- Simplicity
- Economic savings
- Compliance with environmental standards
General Description
Using a single device, controllers in the new Coldface series are able to manage all the functions of a static or ventilated cold room.
With its innovative design, the box combines ease of installation, water resistance and the possibility of installing a power contactor or a disconnecting switch with door lock. Controllers in the Coldface series are easy and intuitive to use thanks to the high-readability double display, the luminous icons and the four large keys for direct access to the functions. The controllers are available with a series of advanced functions, such as the logging of HACCP events with a yearly calendar.

Advantages and features

Easy to install, whether wall- or panel-mounting, thanks to the two fixing screws.
Powerful, flexible and reliable in the management of all functions of the cold room, whether static or ventilated.
Easy to use, thanks to the high-readability double LED display and the large function keys.
Flame retardant, water resistant box with IP54 protection rating.
May be connected to the Televis and Modbus monitoring systems.
Customisable front panel with space for label.

Controllers in the new Coldface series allow you to control the temperature of a static or ventilated cold room with single-phase compressors up to 2HP.
They are suited to the control of commercial and industrial cold rooms and, thanks to the wide range of outputs available,
provide control of all associated functions, including lights, alarms, and condensation fans.
The products are equipped with an optional RS-485 serial port, which enables connection to TelevisSystem and ModBUS without the need for external accessories.
As controllers, they are extremely simple and intuitive to use: the double LED display with 8 navigation keys
ensures the clear and simultaneous display of all active functions.
The HACCP function sets, maintains and memorises temperature measurements and any associated alarms, ensuring the quality and hygiene of stored products
Dual Pressure Switches (017 Models) are dual mechanical pressure switches for high and low pressure with unipolar SPDT switch, which closes and opens when the pressure increases or decreases.These pressure switches can be operated automatically both with high and low pressure, have a manual reset button for high and low pressure, and can be configured with automatic cycle for low pressure and manual reset for high pressure.
The tripping pressure can be adjusted by means of a screw on all versions, while the differential is adjustable on models with automatic reset.
Standard versions have a male flared fitting. It is also possible to order versions with 1,000 mm integrated capillary with flared fitting and nut or versions with rigid tube (100 mm length, 6 mm diameter) when the thermostat is brazed to the cooling plant.All versions without capillary can be equipped with a stainless steel fitting for ammonia

Single Pressure Switches (O16 Models) are mechanical controllers for High and low pressure, with SPDT that opens \ closes on pressure rise and fall. O52 models are IP66 protection class.
These controllers are available in aoutomatic or manual reset through reset button, either for low than for high pressure tripping pressure can be adjusted on all models via trimmer, while differential can be adjusted on automatic reset models only.
Standard versions are male flare; 1000mm capillary & flare nut and also soldering tube style are available, to allow soldering the controller directly on the piping .
Most of the Standard and braze versions are available for ammonia as well.