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FRIGA- BOHN is one of the most respected  manufacturers of commercial evaporating units in Europe.
FSW stock both new units and spares for the entire Friga-Bohn range.
MUC/LUC Commercial Range

The MUC-LUC range meets the requirements of medium size cold rooms (up to 70 m3).

New guard design with air stream straighteners guaranteeing excellent air flow up to 30 m.

The drain pan is designed with rounded corners and a base sloping toward the drain pipe to ensure maximum safety and hygiene.

Supplied with factory wired fans as standard.

MF Range

The MF range is designed for use in refrigerated cabinets, bars, under-counter unit and small storage cold rooms: hygiene and compactness.

CETIM conformity certificate: hygiene standard EN 1672-2.

ABS casing with rounded corners, drainage incorporated to avoid all condensation retention zones.

Minimal depth (150 mm) for optimum use of storage space in the cold room.

Wall mounting possible.

MR Range

The 28 models in the MR range meet the requirements of small storage cold rooms.

Low depth of only 209 mm enabling optimum use of storage space in the cold room.

Sturdy and corrosion-resistant unit, coils totally anti-corrosion treated as standard,

ABS casing and stainless steel screws.

SKB semi-industrial range

The SKB range is designed for commercial refrigeration applications or low temperature storage.

Numerous electric or hot gas defrost possibilities.

Wide choice of options for specific semi-industrial applications (streamer, …).

The 2-speed fan (optional) enables adaptation of noise level and ventilation.

NK Industrial Range

The NK range is designed for industrial refrigeration, conservation or deep-freezing applications.

NK version T (large heat-exchange surface):

Adapted to humidity-sensitive products.

Reduced number of daily defrost cycles offering a reduction in electrical power consumption.

NK version H (high efficiency):

Adapted to the storage of packed products.

Economical choice, wide range of options for specific industrial applications (pressure sleeve, defrost…) 4 fin spacing distances: 4, 6, 9, 12 mm.

2 fan diameters for air throw adapted to the application.
NW industrial range

The 54 models of the NW range meet the requirements of rapid deep-freezing and refrigeration applications.

The high air flow speed guarantees extremely rapid refrigeration of food.

The height-adjustable legs favour homogenous distribution of air over the products.

Available air pressure of up to 200 Pa.

Large heat-exchanger surface, large fin spacing of 6, 9 or 12 mm and optimized defrost.

XR commercial range

The XR range is designed for use in refrigerated cabinets, bars, under-counter unit and small storage cold rooms: compactness, hygiene and performance.

Wall or ceiling mounted.

Directional ABS intermediate drain pan reduces the condensation effect on panelling.

Coil with aluminium fins spaced at 4.23 mm totally treated as standard.