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The use of virgin HCFC in the maintenance or servicing of existing refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment was prohibited from 1 January 2010.

The use of recycled or reclaimed HCFCs can continue until 31 December 2014.

However, from 1 January 2015, the use of all HCFCs in the or servicing of existing refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment will be prohibited.

Although equipment containing R22 can continue to be used beyond this date, there will be no maintenance or servicing allowed involving the use of R22. Therefore, operators of such equipment should take steps to ensure that any business-critical equipment is retrofitted with an alternative gas or replaced before that date.

The restrictions on the placing on the market and use of HCFCs is set out in Article 11 of Regulation 1005/2009 on substances that deplete the ozone layer.

Operators should ensure that  any refrigerant gas recovered from equipment is considered a hazardous waste and must be managed accordingly.

Operators should ensure that the contractor carrying out the work is appropriately qualified to do so, and that the waste refrigerant gas is handled by a person that is compliant with the waste management (collection permit) regulations

R22 (HCFC) Phase-out
FSW is a supplier of refrigerant gases to the trade, products include :

Reclaimed R22
OFN in cylinder sizes of 10Ltr & 30Ltr
HFC Gases, such as R410a, R407C among  others
FSW is also licensed by the EPA to carry out waste gas destruction
Supply of Reclaiming Cylinders
Licensed destruction of refrigerant gases - including R22.
Certify end of life for destruction of reclaimed gases.
OFN cylinders are inspected for safety every 10 years (UKAS).
OFN cylinders are RPV protected to ensure 0% contamination
Our OFN is 99.998% pure with less than 5ppm Oxygen and 2ppm Moisture