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FSW offer a wide range of tools for the detection of leaks within refrigeration systems :
Offering hand-held convenience, the Tek-Mate leak detector boasts proven heated diode sensor technology. The Tek-Mate incorporates an electro-chemical sensor consisting of a ceramic substrate, doped with a reactive element, and maintained at high temperature by a built-in heating element.
When a halogen-bearing gas contacts with the hot surface, the chlorine, fluorine or bromine atoms are separated from the molecule and ionized. This causes an electrical current to flow within the ceramic to a collection electrode at the center. Careful selection and application of the ceramic permits the Tek-Mate sensor to provide similar responses to CFCs (such as R11 and R12), HCFCs (such as R22 and R123), HFCs (such as R134a) as well as replacement blends (such as R404a and R410a) so that the operator does not need to determine the refrigerant in use, or remember to set a selector switch.
Tek-Mate is sensitive to R22 at 2 grams/year and R410A at 5 grams/yr, making it easy to detect a leak of any size.
The latest version of the Tek-Mate features a soft touch operational pad, allowing the user to control the unit with only one hand. Switching the unit on or off and selecting detection levels (high / low) is done with a quick press of a button.
Packaged in a durable plastic case, the Tek-Mate leak detector is well above its class as a cost effective tool.
F- GAS Compliant tested to BSEN14624

Base unit includes Sensor, 2 D-size alkaline batteries, spare filters, and a hard plastic carrying case.
Sensitivity to CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs 0.4 oz/yr.
R22: 2g/yr
R410A: 5g/yr
Controls 3-position soft touch switch— off, low sensitivity, high sensitivity
Contamination adjustment - Automatic
Weight with batteries 1.54 lb (700 g)
Operating temperature range -20ºF to 122ºF -27ºC to 50ºC
Probe Chrome-plated flexible metal.

Tek-Mate Leak Detector
D-Tek Leak Detector
The Spectroline UV leak detection system works because fluorescent dye is soluble in the oil which in turn is miscible with the refrigerant. When the refrigerant leaks, a trace of the oil/Spectroline also escapes and remains at the leak site.
OEM approved AR-GLO ® ester dye is completely universal, working with all common lubricants and refrigerants. AR-GLO ® dyes will work in any sized AC&R system.
Unlike other UV leak detection dyes, Spectroline AR-GLO ® is completely solvent free. It will not change the lubricant properties and will have no other adverse effects on the system.
The Spectroline system has a number of benefits over other methods of refrigerant leak detection. It is able to detect intermittent and very small leaks which could be missed by electronic leak detectors. It is effective, even when the system isn’t running and will not give false alarms. It will remain on guard in the system 24/7, for the life of the fluid, making regular inspections quick and simple. The dye will remain at all leak sites even when the system has lost all refrigerant

Easy to use
— Prefilled, disposable capsules allow dye to be injected into pressurized systems using refrigerant.
Clean and precise — The entire contents is washed into the system.
Choice of sizes — Available in 4 sizes/concentrations to match the capacity of the system. Treats up to 2 gallons (7.6 L) of lubricant, 25 lbs (11.3 kg) of refrigerant or 12 tons of cooling.
Safe — Will withstand pressures of more than 1000 psi.
Note: All universal/POE dye capsules are NSF Certified and registered to meet food-grade processing requirements for category codes HTX-2 and HX-2.

The D-Tek Select is an accurate, highly sensitive, cordless refrigerant leak detector. Using an innovative infrared absorption sensing cell that is extremely sensitive to all refrigerants – and only refrigerants, the D-Tek Select maintains sensitivity over time for consistent, accurate and reliable performance.
Improving on job site productivity, this advanced Leak Detector’s offers a cell life for approximately 800 hours. The cell does not weaken over time so response remains consistent and accurate. The cell cannot be overloaded or ‘poisoned’ by exposure to large amounts of refrigerant. As the cell is selective to refrigerants only it will not react to smoke, humidity, airflow or temperature changes.
In addition, the high efficiency air sampling pump provides quick response and quick zeroing, while the on-board diagnostics indicate charging status and warn of low battery or infrared cell failure.
The D-Tek Select Leak Detector is suitable for use with all refrigerants including R-22, R134a, R404a, R410a, R507 (AZ-50) and all CFC’s, HCFC’s and HFC’s.

F GAS Compliant tested to BSEN14624
Ultra high sensitivity, 1gm/yr.
10 times the life of the original D-Tek sensor.
Equally sensitive to all gases R22, R410a, R404a, R134a, and all CFC, HCFC's and HFc's.
Rechargeable, NIMH power sticks.
Infrared does not weaken with time.
800 hour infrared cell life.
Will not react with air flow or smoke, 1gm/yr sensitivity.
24 month Limited Warranty (see instruction manual for full warranty conditions)
RTU® Bubble-up leak detector is specifically designed to locate refrigerant leaks.
Standard bubble-up leak detectors, designed for use with natural gas, are unsuitable: their lower viscosity means they will not cling to surfaces as effectively and can easily be blown off the pipework before the refrigerant leak is identified.

Specifically designed for refrigerant leaks
Produces long-lasting bubbles
Clings to all surfaces
RTU Bubble Up